ok this is a nice bit of Christmassy decoration for your cakes! Super simple and looking super complicated, but is not!


  • green roll icing
  • light brown roll icing
  • Christmas trees mould
  • cornflour


ok this is super simple. You dust your mould with cornflour (plain flour would do also) and press in the mould the green roll icing for the leafy part and the brown for the bark part. Make sure you put some force squeezing so the roll icing can go to every little groove of the pattern. Then take a knife and cut the extra roll icing. If there are any gaps add some more roll icing and cut again. Then slowly (maybe with the help of a knife or any other tool) peel away the trees off the mould. You can paint them with some edible glitter (silver or gold) for an extra festive touch!

Let them stay overnight at room temperature to firm up before you use them for your decorations needs.


I saw these trees in Kim-Joy’s book (look below) and accidentally I found the exact same mould in Lakeland! They are by far the most detailed and realistic Christmas tree mould you can find!

Also, here I used the already made ready to roll icing also known as sugarpaste, regal icing or fondant (Renshaw). Alternatively, you can make your own royal icing trees (Baking with Kim-Joy)


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