Eva Nikolopoulou

Molecular Biologist in the kitchen

Hi thank you for stopping by! I am Eva, I am a molecular biologist, a Greek, passionate about food, based in London. This blog is about my journey into cooking and baking. Why did I choose to create this blog? The truth is that I have been cooking for quite many years now but never kept a record of any good or bad recipes. So, I will treat this blog as my personal food lab book. You will witness my kitchen adventures, my successes and my failures.

I am writing the recipes in a format of a scientific paper with introduction, materials (=ingredients), method, discussion and since I am not a chef, I will give the references for the original recipes and inspirations. I will make conclusions about how did the recipe go, what would I do differently next time and overall I will give my personal opinion.

Why foodblot? Blotting is a technique used in molecular biology. There are different methods of blotting e.g. western, southern, nothern that are applicable to different types of molecules i.e. protein, DNA and RNA respectively. Depending on the method, an antibody or a probe is used to detect the molecule of interest. Similarly, Foodblot is my journey to detect the best recipes out there.

Here, you will also find interesting scientific articles about food. I will do the research and write short reviews about scientific facts related to food, based only on peer-reviewed scientific papers (fully referenced of course). Feel free to suggest any food-related topic and I will do the work!

Together in this journey I will be taking Anton, my husband (originally from Slovakia), the artist of this family:)

The point of this blog is not lifestyle (although we make an effort with the pictures lol), but the reporting of obstacles that you might encounter while cooking, and useful tips how to overcome them. I hope you enjoy!

My Story

I have been a Londoner for almost 15 years. I first came to London to study for a Masters course for only a year and I ended up staying for another 14 :)  I have worked as a full-time qualified molecular biologist for about 8 years in different fields of biology and I am an author of a number of scientific papers.